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SHELLY CREATURES is a line of stained-glass décor consisting of 5 items [in two sizes].

In this work I wanted to go beyond the usual understanding of stained glass, using non-standard materials and unusual forms. I combined the elegance of natural forms [perfect in its imperfection] and the ordered geometry.

Picking up the glass I decided to use mostly dense textures that do not ‘play ' well in the sunlight, but due to their density, they always remain bright and saturated regardless of lighting and are ‘not afraid’ to be located in an active interior. And so, I focus on the fact that this is a stained-glass decor, and not the usual suncatchers.



Shelly creatures live in the azure waters of the seabed near the coast, where no man can reach. Surrounded by colorful corals, bizarre seaweeds, and fish, they sway in unison with the warm and gentle undercurrent. Intricate shells protect the creatures hidden in them, which stick out with its tender and defenseless ’sprouts’ to feel the world around them and sway on the underwater waves.