Hello there,

I am Lena Zaycman, and I am a stained glass designer & maker based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This art form burst into my life by pure chance when I was 23 and spontaneously turned out to become the best way to express my creativity. 

My way in stained glass art started quite unexpectedly & unpredictably. After a degree in Advertising, I started an art career with my sister creating large-shaped works upon commission. Some years later, our path split, and I faced a new personal stained glass format, approaching the innovative power of the compactness and accessibility of the object. 


I transform animals, plants, amorphous and imaginary creatures into art objects using the elegant classic Tiffany technique. I love both abstract and realistic forms equally, either bright & bold or calm & natural colors, eighter flat or voluminous representations - that lets me not be stuck on one style and dive into diverse projects freely. My signature sign is not a single color palette or identical shapes but an accuracy and thoughtful design. Engineering mindset and skilled hands let me develop new ways of displaying my works and putting these ideas into practice. 


Aspiring to become mates for life, my works are translated into objects for interiors and home decor that gently sneak into the homes, generating new memories and emotions. I hope so!



1000 VASES • Paris, France



Etsy Journal • USA