D I S T R A C T I O N 


ceramics | beads | moulinet & glass

In the summer of the difficult and tough year 2022 – the year when worlds were collapsing at all levels, material and mental, global and personal – in order to get distracted from what was happening in the world, country and my family I experimented with new materials and combining them together. Ceramics, beads, moulinet and glass. So, three vases were born.

These vases are not at all like the time and situation in which they were born. They seem to be from a parallel universe, where it’s joyful, beautiful, friendly, delicious and fun.


21 х 14 cm

height 23 cm


20 х 20 cm

height 26 cm


20 х 20 cm

height 15 cm

The vases are designed the way so that they could hold water.

All three vases were selected from 300 applications and participated among 17 other projects in the Bird Milk* exhibition dedicated to escapism in Moscow /October 2022/.

* a collaborative project of the Ceramania Festival and the Get Art Fit school for artists